Ultra-Filtration “ZEAL-Ultra”

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a filtration process which uses a membrane to force water through a semi-permeable membrane using hydrostatic pressure. This process provides water having low silt density and high purity by filtering out bacteria, viruses, pathogens, endotoxins, suspended solids present in it.

In this process, the solutes having more molecular weight and suspended solids are filtered out and the water along with less molecular weight solutes passes through the semi-permeable membrane. Ultrafiltration process is similar to Reverse Osmosis and Micro-Filtration; it only differs in the size of the molecule which it separates out.

Ultra-filtration process is used to remove the colloidal particles from water whose size ranges from 0.01 to 1.0 microns along with some largely dissolved impurities. The removal of size and type of the contaminants depends upon the pore size of the UF membrane. The pore size in the membrane ranges from 0.005 to 0.1 micron. A measurement roughly used is known as Specific Molecular Weight Cutoff (MWC) which denotes the size of the contaminants removed by a specific UF membrane.

Maintenance of the “UF Systems”

The periodic cleaning of the Ultrafiltration systems is necessary as it uses extremely fine membrane filters for its process. Contaminants will be either organic or inorganic or maybe both. To clean up organic contaminants, low foam alkaline medium detergent of concentration 0.6-1.0% for maximum 40 to 60 minutes is to be used. To clean up membrane from inorganic contaminants, Citric acid having a concentration of 3.0% should be circulated for 1 to 3 hours for its cleaning.

Benefits of Ultrafiltration process

There are numerous benefits of UF process which is making it quite famous and preferred over the traditional methods of filtration for its use

  • There is no need for any chemicals (disinfectants, flocculates, coagulants) for the process.
  • The automation system is quite simple and can be easily operated.
  • It is an environmentally friendly method of filtration.
  • It involves size-exclusion filtration removing even the smallest dissolved solutes in the water.
  • In terms of microbial removal and particle, it provides constant and good quality of water.
  • The process and setup of the Ultrafiltration plant are compact.

The Ultrafiltration process has various applications such as industries, household, commercial, etc

  • In industries, the ultrafiltration technique is used which discharges highly toxic effluent or consumes large volumes of water for the industrial process.
  • These industries include paper & pulp, pharmaceutical, chemicals, plastic & resins, steel, food & beverage industries and also power, water & wastewater treatment plants and various other industries.
  • Ultrafiltration is used in recycling the flow or adding value to the later products by the industries and many more.
  • This process is used in reverse osmosis plants to protect the reverse osmosis membrane by reducing the silt density index of the water and removing the particles which can cause harm.
  • Ultrafiltration is commonly used for treating seawater, surface water and biologically treated municipal water upstream of the reverse osmosis unit.

Application of Ultrafiltration process

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