THE CONCEPT OF “Remote Monitoring & Control”

The information and control system allows both software and hardware to establish a connection with each other despite varied source. It offers you get a quick insight about the objects’ function and also enables users to monitor an endless number of installations irrespective of the demographic location in real-time. In this manner, a laptop, smartphone or PC allows performing the entire task in a most convenient manner. Earlier water treatment system usually lacks the property to convey the entire parameter right from the centralized location to the actual point of operation. In this manner, institutionalized control of the considerable number of offices inside a water region is a bit difficult. Procedure modifications performed nearby may not fit in with the government, state or city
guidelines for water quality control.

In a regular Wastewater Treatment Monitoring system, stream and lake water goes from a pump station to a crude water supply, where the un-purified water is put away for some time. The water experiences sedimentation and flocculation strategies before filtration and extra decontamination at the water purging plant. Each progression has the potential for mistake. Remote Monitoring & Control system in India has resolved the issue to a large extent. It empowers total, computerized checking by specialists at a central area just as manual changes in accordance with procedure ventures at explicit destinations by nearby local organizations as required. The system enables operators to accelerate, back off or generally change a particular part of the procedure as distinguished by the refined central monitoring system. Generally, designing was the main choice for clients to interface remote instrumentation. New innovation empowering utilization of spread range radio makes it conceivable to associate remote instrumentation without the need of an exorbitant wired foundation. With the possibility of having the capacity to comprehend for all intents and purposes any remote observing or control application, the industry is starting to see wireless remote monitoring system as a development for tending to issues recently esteemed cost restrictive, not in fact achievable or ailing in dependability.

Remote monitoring control

How does “Remote Process Monitoring and Control Works?”

The functions of the pumping station in case of remote process monitoring of the water supply system have resolved many issues to a considerable rate. Today, data transmission is depended on the web application. The configuration is developed depending on the Microsoft tools and a set of pre-defined web services. This empowers steady and solid information transmission from the pumping station to the dispatch center along with the signal commands from the middle to the local control unit. The framework gives the administrator in the dispatch center with the perception of control offices with the graphical and unthinkable introduction of pertinent qualities and parameters. The operator can screen the usefulness of the whole structure on the SCADA Base Remote Monitoring screen, and alert reports help with finding issues, which adds to a huge increment in upkeep effectiveness. The association between the dispatch center and pumping station is built up with remote information transmission utilizing cell phone administrators.

How Your's System Work

  • Your Pump Station
  • A Smart Box
  • GPRS/Internet Network
  • I-SAVE
  • Email and SMS Notifications
  • Web Access
  • Download Data
  • IT Systems
System Work

Peace of Mind
  • Reliable, dependable, scalable
  • Alarms reported immediately
  • Alarm acknowledgment guaranteed
  • Call Retries, forever
  • Site communications links are 100% monitored
  • No power, no problem

Peace of Mind

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