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Compost is an organic matter which is created by the decomposition of matter and organic waste and commonly used as a fertilizer at household, community or citywide level. It is rich in nutrients and very beneficial to the plants. It reduces the demand for artificial chemical fertilizers hence making compost the main component in organic farming. The process of making compost is known as composting. It is used in gardens, horticulture, organic farming, landscaping and agricultural purposes. The compost acts as a soil conditioner, a fertilizer, addition of vital humus and as a natural pesticide for soil. It also has various other uses such as erosion control, land and stream reclamation, wetland construction and also as a landfill cover.

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Make The Backyard Compost With The Organic Waste, Save Your Money

In order to make compost, it requires a pile of organic matter such as grass, leaves and food scraps and waits for them to break down into humus after a certain period of time. Composting can be closely monitored by the supply of the measured inputs of water, air, carbon, and nitrogen-rich materials. There are various organisms which help in decomposition such as Earthworms and fungi which help in breaking up of material. Bacteria and fungi present in the compost help in managing the process by converting the inputs for making the compost into heat, carbon dioxide, and ammonium. Various countries have taken initiatives to segregate the waste into dry and wet waste. This segregation is done with the aim to make compost out of them which is beneficial in many ways.

Advantages of making Compost at home

There are a number of reasons why you should make your own compost. You can surely buy it but there are various advantages to making compost.

  • Making compost at home can help in waste reduction hence lowering the carbon footprint.
  • It is an easy process which can be can by anyone and it can be made anywhere.
  • It provides natural and nutrient-rich fertilizers which help in improving the soil quality.
  • It reduces the dependency of the chemical fertilizers.
  • As it is a natural means of fertilizing the soil, it will improve the soil quality in the years to come.

Various factors that need to be considered looking for a compost bin are listed below

  • Size: Depending upon your garden size and the needs, you will accordingly require the size of
    the bin. Large the quantity of compost required, larger should be the compost bin.
  • Waste Generation: The waste generation and size are related to each other. If the generation
    of waste is more, a larger compost bin is required.
  • Type of compost: Do you want a traditional method of accumulating the waste and decompose
    it or want to use organisms like earthworms in the process?

Factors to Consider for Compost Bin

Composting Machines

With the advancements in the technology there has been an emergence of organic composting machines. Depending upon the use, the waste generation they are available in size ranging from large scale to small scale. The organic compost machine is equipped with the latest technology which speeds up the composting process from weeks to days. The composite machines helps in managing your waste in an efficient, economical and eco-friendly manner having complete organic waste management solution designed today aiming for a greener tomorrow.

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