Chemical Dosing Plant

Chemical dosing is the process of delivery of the chemical constituents into foul water, sewage or sludge- like fluid which is usually produced from the part of preliminary processing of water. It is commonly used in sewage treatment plant as a part of anaerobic digestion process to make energy from waste and also for cleaning the industrial effluents so that they can be returned to the natural water course.This process is widely used in large manufacturing plants and large scale as well as small scale industries. So, let us know about the application of this process and its working how it is carried out.

Applications in
Industrial sectors...

  • Industrial Effluent
  • Mining
  • Building Services
  • Public infrastructure
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Waste water treatment
  • Power Stations
Dosing plant

  • The chemical dosing is an efficient solution to get rid of chemicals by using two metering pumps
    attached to the pipe fitted in the cabinet.
  • For the dosing process to be uninterrupted, one pipe acts as a duty standby to ensure that the wearable component need to serviced.
  • To control the chemical dosing process, the system uses automatic pumps which varies in diameter and material according to its function.
  • In case of wastewater treatment works and system, when the sewage enters the plant, the effluent needs to be cleaned, filtered and processed.
  • The effluent which is passed through the filters may contain toxic material which cannot be discharged into the natural water course as it can kill the aquatic life-forms.
  • This process of dumping out of effluent when checked out by the governmental authorities can impose higher penalties to the water companies doing so.
  • Hence, the water companies must dose out certain chemicals in order to achieve a balanced pH level and remove impurities like nitrates and phosphates.
  • Otherwise it would cause algae to grow in a stream which may deprive fish of the oxygen and affecting the drinking water for livestock.

The process of Chemical Dosing

pH Buffering process...

  • A process known as pH buffering is the measurement of chemical dosing such as lime or sodium hydroxide in the waste water effluent.
  • The buffering amount may differ according to the time of the day say for example in the morning when people use bathroom or toilet.
  • Due to this, there is a need for the dosing pumps to increase the amount delivers at the peak demand times.
  • It also needs to reduce during the sleep hours, producing a cyclical and diurnal flow.
  • Water companies need to work according to the standard specification provided by approved suppliers of tanks, motors, pipework, and many more.
  • When there is any problem in the plant which cannot be resolved by the supplier, Zeal Solutions steps in for providing effective solution.
  • The problem may arise when the pump fails or get blocks or where the dosing becomes inaccurate.
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