Online Effluent Monitoring System "ISAVE-OEMs"

Remotely monitoring of effluents in water from anyplace on the web and continuously is possible now. We help you actualize web-based checking of effluents level in waste water. Online Effluent Monitoring System empowers you to recognize inadmissible conditions that may happen right away. Consistent emanating observing guarantees that the effluent levels in released water are within the pre-defined parameter of the regulatory body. In this way, any problem related to this can easily be identified.

Any Analytical Parameter can be monitored including:

  • pH (0-14)
  • Flow (instant and total)
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity / Turbidity
  • TSS and / or TDS
  • Heavy Metals via colorimetric determination including (Fe, Cu, Cd, Cr, Ni, Zn) etc

In lieu of the Ganga Action Plan, NGT and Central pollution control board(CPCB) have joined forces and mandated industries to continuously monitor their effluent and employ zero liquid discharge(ZLD) concept. Real time monitoring of industrial discharge is an important part of every comprehensive to improve the health of natural water systems. This step is an attempt to ensure the level of pollution complies with norms to reclaim the quality of Ganga River and its tributaries.

Although the parameters to be checked greatly vary from one industry to another, still continuous monitoring of TSS (Total Suspended Solids), pH, COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOS (Biological Oxygen Demand) are almost found in all industries and is very common checking parameters. Zeal Solutions Online Effluent Monitoring System has a cloud-based platform that is designed by i-SAVE that monitors the said parameters and also record data to SPCB and CPCB.

The system also uses innovation as well as guideline of UV-Vis Spectrophotometers that is in accordance with the approved methodology. This technique includes absorbance of light by various kinds of matter. This preferred standpoint of recognizing distinctive organic types with exact estimations replaces the old techniques. These analysers utilize imaginative innovation and offer superior performance, constant spectrophotometric and photometric examination and cost-effective solutions.

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