Fed up of Hard water? Here is the solution

You might have come across a tap or shower faucet coated up with white coating which may disrupt the flow of water. Do you know why? Well, it is due to deposition of calcium and magnesium present in water due to which the coating appears on the surface. This water is generally termed as "Hard water". It is necessary to carry out a water softening process in order to use it efficiently. Let us know about the hard water before we talk about how to soften it.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water has high mineral content when compared to soft water. It is usually formed when the water passes through the deposits of chalk and limestone. These both deposits constitutes largely of magnesium and calcium carbonates. Hard water has various applications in household, commercial and industrial sectors. It is used for drinking purpose in household and in the industry to carry out the process.

Levels of Hard Water

The concentration of the calcium carbonate decides the hardness of the water. There are various different level of hardness of water which passes through the house and public buildings. According to US Department of Interior and Water Quality Association, if water having calcium carbonate content more than 180 mg/L is considered very hard, from 121-180 mg/L, 61-120 mg/L is considered moderately hard and less than 60 mg/L is considered soft.

Effects of Hard Water

There are definitely negative effects of hard water within the household. They are listed below on whom and how they affect:

  • For cleaning clothes and laundry purpose, hard water used for washing can lead to breaking down of cloth fabric quickly than the normal time.
  • In dishwasher, it leaves residues on the surface when cleaned with hard water and leaves spots on dishes.
  • In water pipes, mineral builds up in the pipes which can lead to clogging of pipes. It is easily visible to see this build-up layer on the shower-head and faucets..

The Process of Water Softening.

There are many chemical treatments used for water softening but the effective solution to do so is with the help of Water softener. A typical water softener is an appliance which is fitted in the pipeline of the home water supply system. The process of water softening is usually done by using tiny resin beads or zeolite which collects the hardness ions - Calcium and Magnesium carrying a positive charge. The resin beads used in the water softener are charged with potassium or sodium ions having a negative charge. The resin beads are filled in a mineral tank in the appliance. When hard water comes in the mineral tank, the resin beads pull out the magnesium and calcium ions from the water and replaces sodium or potassium ions, hence making the water soft in nature.

Types of
water softeners

  • The feature which most of the water softeners have is automatic regeneration system. It has an electric timer which flushes and recharges the appliance in a regular schedule.
  • Another type of water softeners involves the use of a computer which is used to measure the water quantity used. The recharging of the beads is started when sufficient water has passed through them and drained out the ions.
  • The third type uses mechanical water meter which measures water usage and then starts recharging. It is only recharged when it is necessary.


The only and perfect solution for all your hard water problems is to install a water softener for your home. If you are deciding to purchase a water softener for your home or you want to get help, it will be the best option to contact your local water expert which can easily guide you. Zeal solutions are one of the most reputed and trusted water treatment company based in New Delhi. We are the manufacturer and supplier of various water softener and treatment systems. Our main aim is to provide water softener & treatment systems and solutions to various sectors from domestic to commercial, institutional to industrial and medical facilities.

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